Transmission Repair in Southwest Oklahoma City

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The  #1 question we get asked by our customers, but its really the last question you should be asking. Would you believe that 60% of the vehicles that come into our shop get fixed for under $500 without the transmission even getting removed from the vehicle! 

Now a days, Transmission's are computerized, so electrical issues like bad solenoids, sensors, switches, electrical connection and/or wiring, and yes even a battery or alternator issue can cause a transmission to malfunction. Low fluid level or a restricted transmission filter will cause a transmission pump to starve for fluid and run low oil pressure in the transmission. Low pressure will cause the transmission to slip.

All of these issues, and many more, we run into daily and make up majority of the work we do. However, when you assume that you're transmission is bad and call around to find the best price you are going to get a rebuilt transmission whether you need one or not because that's what you asked for, right? 

Transmission Man