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R.D.I stands for : Remove, Disassemble and Inspect. Only recommended if after our external diagnostic determines that the problem can't be fixed with the transmission in the vehicle.




Diagnosis of the root problem and estimating it's cost is a part of any repair. However, If you do not choose to have the repair work done, there has been an expenditure of labor up until that point. If, for whatever reason you decide to stop the repair process, you have every right to do so. However a fee will be incurred for the work up to that point. This fee is for labor charges to the point of: halting the work at the accurately written estimate stage and does not include reassembling the transmission and installing it back into the vehicle. After all, why would anybody in their right mind want to reassemble and install a problem transmission back into the vehicle? If the estimate is approved we waive that fee.

Once your transmission is opened up and properly diagnosed, you will be asked to come down to our shop. If you that's inconvenient make sure to give us a good e-mail address. This is so we can "show" and "tell" you about the transmission parts we find to be worn or damaged this "show" and  "tell" is for you, to make an educated buying decision. Trying to make a major automotive repair buying decision over the phone is the best way we know of to make an uneducated, uninformed decision which could cost you more money than you need to spend.

Come on down! We will take you to your disassembled transmission. You and our technician will discuss what the problem is, and more importantly what was its cause.

We will answer any technical questions you might have. DON"T BE AFRAID TO ASK QUESTIONS! This is your transmission and more importantly your money.

Once you O.K. and sign the written estimate, we will waive the RDI fee and you will only invest in the parts and labor listed on the estimate. 


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Sometimes our preliminary external diagnostic will let us know the problem is internal. But we can't "see" what the problem is or whats causing it, in turn we don't know the cost.

We have to perform some exploratory surgery so-to-speak. Doctors use x-rays, psychics use crystal balls. We rely on RDI'S .

Any transmission shop that could accurately diagnose and price an internal transmission problem without performing an RDI, is simply guessing.
An RDI is a part of an overall diagnostic procedure to discover the cause of the problem(s), without finding the cause, any transmission repair, overhaul or rebuild will only give a temporary solution.

Remove : Removing the transmission from the vehicle for dis assembly.
Disassemble : Disassemble/ take apart transmission for the purpose of the next step...
Inspect : detailed inspection for the cause of problem. Determine what parts are worn or damaged. Also inspect for any internal parts about to fail.