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Transmission Repair in Southwest Oklahoma City





​A remanufactured transmission {commonly called a 'reman'} is the same as a rebuilt transmission except that the work is done in a factory setting. Either by a team skilled in specific areas of repair or by a single skilled specialist that will build the entire unit start to finish. the quality of reman units varies greatly depending on the standards the remanufacturer sets for its company.

​Rebuilt or reman

​The decision of whether or not to use a 'Reman' or a custom unit has many variables.
      * How do you use your vehicle?
      * Is the transmission in your make and model vehicle known to be problematic or a simpler unit?
      * How long do you plan on owning that vehicle?
      * Is your vehicle subjected to special driving conditions such as extreme weather, trailering, unusual terrain or city use?

​​These and many other circumstances should be taken into consideration by you and your transmission diagnostic technician before a decision should be made as to utilize a reman unit or a transmission rebuilt to your specific needs. Maybe even upgrades to accommodate more heavy duty usage. In any case there is nothing wrong with having your transmission rebuilt ~ but only if you need to. Many shops as well as consumers jump to extremes and always expect the worst. Although having you transmission rebuilt is less expensive than a new one, it usually takes longer.


​A rebuilt transmission is one where the transmission is disassembled and inspected, worn or damaged parts are replaced {referred to as Hard parts} and then reassembled to factory specs, along with new soft parts such as gaskets,seals, clutches and bands. It is a custom process performed by a specialists. You may also have heard the terms 'Refurbished, reconditioned or overhauled'  these all share the same meaning.